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Customer: Solutions Auto Parts
Location: Tampa, FL

If you have a business, without a doubt, marketing is going to be one of your most important concerns. Through the use of effective marketing strategies, you will be able to gain higher exposure, which can translate into better sales. How exactly is this going to be possible? There are numerous ways by which this can be done, and one of the most inventive would be through vehicle graphics. You will be using your vehicle as a visibility tool to promote your business. Through vehicles wraps and decals, among others, you will be able to build business identity.

Different Ways to Promote Through Vehicle Graphics

There are many creative ways by which graphics can be integrated into a vehicle for the purpose of business promotion. For instance, one of the most common would be through the use of license plates and license plate frames. You can also use bumper stickers, car magnets, roof toppers, and decals. The most popular are perhaps car wraps, which is also one of the most effective. Your vehicle will be wrapped with graphics that represent your business, such as your company name and logo. It is eye-catching and will surely be noticed because of its size.

How to Do It Effectively

While vehicle graphics can be beneficial in marketing, its success will depend on a number of factors. One of the most important is the design of the graphics. Obviously, if you want to captivate the attention of your target audience, make sure that it is going to be attractive. Make it one-of-a-kind for it to stand out. From the color to the design, see to it that it is going to be a head turner.

It is also important to identify your target audience. By knowing them, you will be able to create the right marketing campaign materials based on what will trigger their attention. Every business should have a unique approach based on the market segment that they will be targeting.

Planning your route is one more thing that can prove to be helpful in increasing the effectiveness of using vehicle graphics for business promotion. The vehicle should be driven in an area where there is high-concentration of people, especially those who fall in your specified target market.  Central business districts and urban neighborhoods will be some of the best.

Consider the rules and regulations in your community. Depending on where you live, take a look at the legal requirements when it comes to vehicle graphics. There are some places wherein moving advertisements can be regulated.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, make sure to choose the right company to provide your vehicle graphics. Take a look at their reputation and the projects they have completed in the past. If you choose the best, your vehicle graphics will surely be more effective.

This one is a project we did for a great customer, Solutions Auto Parts, in Tampa, FL. They requested to refresh the look for their older fleet on a pre-determined budget, 3 vehicles. Fun project, great results with partial graphics!

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