Howard Hanna Routed sign with gold face and green background

Howard Hanna Routed sign with gold face and green background

Why Routed Signs are Better for Your Business

One of the essential visual elements to consider when starting a business is creating an attractive business sign. Signs are the most common method of marketing strategy. Choosing the right type of sign is vital in creating a perfect sign for your business.

One specific type is the routed signs which are produced using a computer-controlled cutting machine, which is a high precision cutting method. Read here to learn why routed signs are the appropriate one for your business.

The first thing that a customer sees is your business sign. A sign is like a sales person trying to catch and draw the attention of people with its design. Signs can bring in new customers and can increase your profit. Usually, business owners include the logo to promote their brand. Signs can be placed both inside and outside of a building, where the customers can easily see it and know that your business exists.

Using routed signs has many advantages to draw potential customers. Routed signs have similarities with sandblasted signs. The difference is their texture, wherein routed signs have smooth background while sandblasted signs are textured.

Here are the reasons why routed signs are a better choice among other signage:

  • Routed Signs are Simply Elegant and Classy
  • Routed signs with gold face are simply elegant, stunning, oozes class. It’s shiny and glossy appearance is just perfect to draw in customers into your business. The use of gold easily catches light from different angles as it attracts people passing by.
  • Routed Signs are More Durable

Signs are usually placed outdoors, and therefore they are vulnerable to the bad elements of weather. Aside from wood, routed signs can be made with a high quality durable material, which is the High Density Urethane (HDU) that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Routed signs can be more expensive at the start, but you don’t get to replace it every 5 or 6 years, so it is actually cost saving.

Ronaldo Academy Routed Indoor Sign

Ronaldo Academy Routed Indoor Sign

Emphasized the Message in Your Sign

The text and graphics are engraved creating a three dimensional look, which emphasizes the message in your sign. Routed signs with gold face are very elegant and expensive looking, which can easily draw people in. With its classic and professional looks, routed signs are perfect for up market restaurants to convey messages that their business is one can trust.

Routed Acrylic Numbers with Brushed Aluminum Face

Routed Acrylic Numbers with Brushed Aluminum Face

Any Design is Possible with Routed Signs

Since it is computer generated, you can have the custom signs you want to effectively communicate your message to the customers in a professional, stylish design. The use of computers can also look as if they were carved by hand. With custom signs, you can create the most creative and attractive design exactly as you imagine.  You can choose your preferred style, color, shape and design.

With all these, routed signs are simply the better choice for your business to have an effective marketability using signs.

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