Metal Lobby Custom Sign

Metal Lobby Custom Sign

Factors to Consider When Designing Lobby Signs

Your company brand is definitely your reputation, and it is built through customer’s experiences, impressions, and interactions with existing and prospective customers. The first impression will always count to the customer’s decision making. The lobby area is a perfect place to create customers experience. This is through use of lobby signs which help in communicating to the client what to expect from you. How well it is designed, will count when this client walks to your office and after receiving the service. Therefore, it is important to have office signs not only to illustrate the directions, but also to market your goods and services. Here are some of the tips to consider when designing/buying a readymade routed indoor custom sign.

Consider the Color Choice

Every company identifies with a certain color or a combination of colors. If this is not the case in your company, you should consider incorporating color into your business branding campaigns. Use the same color on letterheads, on online campaigns and also on the office signs. Therefore, the artist coming up with your lobby signs should design for you a lobby sign that matches your company color theme. Don’t just pick any color that is available.

You should consider a color that will help in delivering the message to clients. Not all colors are visible from far. There are those colors that will reflect the light making the office signs unreadable from far. You should avoid them and instead use the colors that will attract the client’s eyes. The color should be consistent with your brand.

Factor in the Quality of Material That You Are Using

Lobby signs can be created out of several alternative materials. Having a light and less expensive material is a good idea, but you should consider how well the material can endure harsh weather conditions and also cleaning. The lobby signs will sometimes become dusty, and so you need to clean them. Consider how well the material will suit the conditions. There are some materials that will easily fade hence making the lobby signs to look older and not impressive. These should not be used on the office signs.

The Lobby Sign Design

It’s important to consider how well the lobby sign design will complement the decorations in your lobby area. A routed custom sign looks better if it’s complementing the design in the lobby area. Therefore, find a suitable artist who will come up with an office sign that complements the lobby area design. This helps the customers visualize well who you are and leaves a lasting impression since the area will look beautiful and attractive to the viewer.

Should Show Your Personality

The lobby signs used needs to complement your personality too. Through the lobby signs, you will communicate who you are to the clients. Therefore from the choice of material to designs used, they need to complement companies’ way of doing things. You can add the mission, and vision as well on the office signs.

Always consult a professional to do your routed custom signs for your lobby area. This will make sure you have a good design that will meet your expectations. Call us at 813-523-3128.