Exterior/Outdoor sign for R9 Acedemy

Exterior/Outdoor sign for R9 Academy

Project Overview

Customer acquired new franchise for R9 Ronaldo Academy (soccer school) to open in Tampa, FL. During the on-boarding process they reached out to Signs Insight for assistance on their custom signs. Inauguration date was planned for July 22nd 2017.

Our design team requested their franchisor the documentation for their branding requirements and image gallery, and started to work on the project.

Once the customer had settled for a location, we visited the place with them and discussed their sign needs. The project consisted in entrance signs (rigid and banners), court and building banners (16 total), routed 3D signs for their office space and indoors court, and paper posters for indoor use. We also performed the installation for all their materials.

The design process

We followed their branding manual for creating all the necessary signage. Branding requirements relate to things such as which colors can be used, logo application, sign design and elements positioning, shared imagery, fonts etc.

We designed all their signs and submitted for approval. Once the franchisor gave us the OK for all the materials, we moved them into our in-house production.

Ronaldo Academy MaxMetal

Ronaldo Academy Dibond

Rigid Signs

For certain locations with great exposure, we chose to manufacture higher-quality rigid signs. Materials used were Latex-printed 3M IJ35 vinyl with 3M Luster overlaminate, applied over Dibond (MaxMetal). Dibond is a compound made out of PVC inside and aluminum outside. We also mounted the entrance rigid sign with stand-off mounts on an existing wooden frame that we painted black. We also used the same materials for a sign we installed on the roof and on the main building wall.

Routed Signs

Ronaldo Academy Routed Lobby Sign

Ronaldo Academy Routed Custom Lobby Sign

We chose to create custom routed signs in their main office and indoors courts, so it would give their logo a 3D effect. Due to budget constraints, we opted for a thick foam core material and applied the same latex-printed 3M vinyl with luster ovelaminate on top. Letters were painted white with an oil-based paint.

Ronaldo Academy Routed Indoor Sign

Ronaldo Academy Routed Indoor Custom Sign

Flexible Banners

Ronaldo Academy Banners

Ronaldo Academy Banners

We produced 16 custom banners in multiple sizes, from 6’ x 18’ all the way down to 3’ x 8’. The larger banners were installed on their main building walls, and the others around both courts (fences and metal structures).

Ronaldo Academy Banners

Ronaldo Academy Banners

The banners were also Latex-printed on high-quality 13 Oz gloss material, stitched edges and grommets applied every 24” for best installation.

Ronaldo Academy Banners

Ronaldo Academy Banners

Paper Posters

Paper Posters were used to decorate the main event room and to cover certain graphics temporarily that were not approved for all audiences (liquor advertisement etc). They varied in size (some also being fairly large), and applied to the walls and windows with double-sided tape.


The installation process took around 10 hours due to the installation height of certain banners and signs. We were able to complete the process successfully and on time for their open house.

Ronaldo Academy Banners

Ronaldo Academy Banners

Total project timeline

From the initial design process to manufacturing and installation, total time for this project was about 10 business days. We had a lot of fun working on their materials and we are pleased with the end results.

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