Creating high quality products begin with your design work


  • Sign making printers use CMYK ink, so keep that in mind when building your files;
  • When the final job format is larger than what the design software can support, please use a round % of the final size and proportional image resolution;
  • Once you submit your files to us, please make sure that they are compressed (.ZIP etc) and that they include: final file (PDF, JPEG, native files(s), imported artwork (if any), and fonts;
  • Preferred file types are PDFs, EPSs, and native Adobe Creative Cloud/Suite files (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign etc). We will also accept JPEGs, TIFFs and other raster file formats, but we cannot guarantee quality due to data loss caused by compression options. Vector-based files are always our favorite;
  • Do not use image compression or downsample when saving your files (PDF generation, saving JPEGs, TIFFs etc). Avoid the use of JPEG or LZW compression with possible;
  • Always link image files. Do not embed them;
  • Convert all fonts to outlines. Also, try to keep font sizes greater than 14 points;
  • Provide PMS callouts or color guides with all orders when requesting color matching;
  • Provide all the necessary instructions on specific needs.


Best Quality Good Quality   Acceptable Quality
Viewing from Close Range Viewing from Mid-Range Viewing from Far Distance
Small Banners (smaller than 3′ x 6′) 200 dpi 150 dpi 100 dpi
Medium Banners (less tthat 10′ x 12′) 100 dpi 75 dpi 50 dpi
Large Banners (larger than 10′ x 12′) 75 dpi 70 dpi 25 dpi
Window Graphics and/or Clings 250 dpi 150 dpi 100 dpi
Vehicle Wraps 150 dpi 100 dpi 75 dpi
Large Truck Sides 100 dpi 75 dpi 50 dpi
Building Wraps 50 dpi 25 dpi 15 dpi


Projects in general 1/4″ on each side
Large prints 3″ on ach side
Stretch frames depth of the frame
Vehicle Wraps 3″ on each side