How Custom Signs can Help in Events

There are lots of fun and exciting activities during the holiday season in Tampa Bay. While there might not be snow-covered trees and cold temperature in Citrus County, there are still lots of holiday activities and events to get you into the festive mood. Even if it is sunny in December, you will be greeted with custom signs that will direct you to the events and activities in the county.

Now on its third year, Citrus County holds its Christmas Tree Lighting Festival. This year the event took place last December 4 at the Little Springs Park and Heritage Village. The Christmas Tree Lighting Festival is inspired by Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. They organizing committee turned Citrus Avenue into Whoville by installing thousands of lights and custom signs.

The Christmas Tree Lighting Festival also features a snow play area, bounce houses, horse and train rides, and falling snow. There is also a giant Christmas tree on display. For this year, the festival features artists, live music, non-profits, food vendors, wine and beer, and dancing under the lights. There was also a screening of The Grinch, Who Stole Christmas during the lighting of the tree.

During the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival, it was seen that custom signs played a role in its success. They provided the right visual for the festival. Not only were that signs used before the festival to promote it.

The event planners opted for custom signs that were portable and durable. Special event banners were used to greet the visitors and wish them a Merry Christmas. Custom signs come in various sizes, colors and styles. And this is seen with the signs used during the event. They are consistent with the theme of the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival.

Visitors who are unfamiliar with Citrus County are able to get to the site of the Christmas Tree Lighting Festival because of the custom signs that are placed all over the county. The signs showed visitors how to get to the location of the event.

Businesses around the area also used custom signs as seasonal decorations. They decorated their shops and offices with signs that offer warm holiday greetings. Customers will feel more welcome in the establishment when they see the decorations. And once the holiday season is over, the custom signs can be brought down and stored easily. Then it can be used again the following year.

Citrus County really knows how to uplift the spirits of its residents and visitors this holiday season with different activities for everyone, no matter what their age might be. The Christmas Tree Lighting Festival and other holiday events in the county are more festive because of custom signs that wish people a very happy holidays.

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