Some event ideas for you in Tampa

Are you ready to take on the ancient, adventurous route in organizing your events? Then you definitely must get started with the basics, by knowing how signs can help embellish your events. If your brand is catering to families, it would actually be awesome to see Dinosaurs in Motion at Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) at Tampa Bay. Find out how you can fully maximize your event with indoor and outdoor signs today.

How Signs Can Help Embellish Your Events with Dinosaurs

As an attraction, “Dinosaurs in Motion” at MOSI is a showcase of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics or STEAM for families to enjoy. Just imagine skeletons of T-Rexes moving around with sound effects to match the structure. You can only wonder how such ancient beings have managed to survive for thousands of years before they go extinct.

Your Upcoming Event at “Dinosaurs in Motion”

It would certainly be creative for you to come up with the concept of bringing extinct animals back to life. While the event’s idea can already be as enticing to attend, you’ll need to make sure you have the signage to back up the splendor of your activity. This way, your branding efforts will not be put to waste upon choosing a site that is the MOSI.

Some Ideas for Your Indoor Signs

Indoor signs such as pull up banners, wooden blocks or even simple tarpaulins can serve as accents and additional designs in on site. In having your signage printed, make sure the event’s theme along with your brand would be seamlessly merged into a whole stand out piece. This is so while your attendees and audiences get awed by amazing dinosaur replicas, they may also get subliminally reminded by the elements of your brand.

Since the “Dinosaurs in Motion” attraction can get theatrical with its dark atmosphere, you make sure your banner will stand out without being an eye sore. You can print indoor signs which are colored in gray, purple, blue or silver.

Ideas for Creative Outdoor Signs

If you’re welcoming walk-in event attendees, then you must also have an inviting set of outdoor signs which will be strategically placed at the peripheries of MOSI. You can even have a replica of the theatric dinosaurs being shown in inside “Dinosaurs in Motion.”

Then you can put some copy which states, “Want to see more T-Rexes? Then visit us at Dinosaurs in Motion now!” If some passersby would not be interested to attend, then, at least, your outdoor signs with logos will remind them about your brand.

It’s certainly important to know how signs can help embellish your events. If you’re organizing an event at MOSI’s Dinosaurs in Motion soon, then the mentioned ideas should help you get started.


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