About Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are just as important as the custom signs on the outside of your building. They can be informative or simply help reinforce your brand. Customers look at the custom signs that a company uses to find out information about the business, guidance, or helping building the feeling of reliability.

One of our clients for custom lobby signs was Lifetime Family and Urgent Care. They are located in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, Florida. They are a well-known medical group in the area that provides their clients with the urgent care that they need. We worked closely with them when we were designing and creating the acrylic signs for their lobby. We have also worked with them to create the routed and sandblasted  signs that are on the outside of their office.

Process for making our signs

The lobby signs that we created for Lifetime Family and Urgent Care are made from high-quality acrylic. We used different thicknesses of acrylic to create each part of the 3D signs. This was very important to get right since their lobby signs need to look very similar to the custom signs that are posted on the outside of the office, correlating with their rebranding project. We used our custom sign cutting machines to make sure that all the acrylic was cut correctly ans stand-off mounts were added, so it looked exactly as they expected it to be.

To add color to the acrylic signs, we used a white acrylic and then printed the color using vinyl. To make sure that the vinyl does not wear off of the acrylic signs, we laminated it and installed on the top of the acrylic to lock the color in.


Once the lobby signs were finished, we took them into the office to show the owner the finished product. Once we had the go ahead, we mounted the lobby signs to the wall. The different thicknesses and the bright colors of the acrylic signs make them stand out from the light colors on the office walls. Installation of the lobby signs only took a few hours since we use a special adhesive that ensures that the signs stay on the wall until you want to have them removed, plus a template to help align the letters right.

Sandblasted or Routed HDU sign for Lifetime Family in Wesley Chapel, FL

Sandblasted or Routed HDU sign for Lifetime Family in Wesley Chapel, FL

If you are thinking about having lobby signs, custom signs are the best option as you can have them made to fit any space, plus we offer perfect color match to fit your needs. Adding custom signs does not need to be a challenge. We work closely with our clients to make sure that all of our custom signs are what the client needs and wants. We have made custom signs for many businesses in a wide variety of industries. If you have questions about custom signs or our services, feel free to contact Signs Insight at 813-523-3128. We are more than happy to answer your questions and help you with your sign needs.

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