realestatetpaProduct: Real Estate Sign
Location: Tampa, FL
Client: Cross Team Realty, KW Commercial Real Estate

At Signs Insight, we are a trusted company that produces any and all types of signage for any of your company’s advertising needs. We understand the importance of having the highest quality in products and services and we pride ourselves on producing nothing but the best for our clients. One of these clients, Cross Team Realty, KW Commercial Real Estate, asked us to come up with a real estate sign. While we knew this was a more basic process we still wanted to provide our client with the best product and outstanding customer service that we could.
The sign that we came up with was a simple white post sign with the company’s logo and contact information. We made sure that the font size and style was big and bold enough to be seen from the road as cars drove past so that they would be able to read it. The key was to put the most information that we could, while ensuring it was just enough so that it wasn’t difficult to read while driving by. By putting “For Sale” in the middle of the sign inside of a red band, it makes the purpose of the sign more clear, as the majority of the sign is done in black and white. Having a pop of color in any advertisement is more effective in drawing in more attention.
When advertising a product or service, such as selling a piece of property in this case, the idea that the buyer will seek out the contact information of the person or company selling the property is not always correct. This is why it is more important to ensure that there is adequate contact information on the sign itself because you may be unintentionally losing out on potential buyers if they feel that they have to go out of their way to find out how to contact you. One of the first things buyers look at while on their search for the perfect property is the curb appeal and even before that, they see the signage that has been set out to sell them on the property to begin with. No buyer wants to see a sign that looks like it is falling apart and that doesn’t speak much into the integrity of the seller as it is. Always appearing professional is most important, and it all starts with the first thing the buyer will see.
While the idea of selling a property is to get it sold as quickly as possible, we know that our clients are investing in their advertisements wisely. With that, we strive to provide them with the highest quality materials so that despite the sign not being there for a long period of time, we want the message the sign is giving and the overall portrayal of our client to be able to stand confidently and precise so that if selling a property is the main objective, it gets done quickly and efficiently.

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