Quail Forest and The Cove Routed Monument Custom Sign

This entrance monument custom routed sign was created for the Quail Forest and The Cove communities in Tampa, FL. We were contacted to remove their existing, older sign, and create a new one from scratch. The end result was amazing…

This was a complex project, as it encompassed multiple phases: sign ordinance and county requirements evaluation, quote and design cycles with customer sign-off, permit application and approval, custom sign fabrication, pre-installation inspection approval, gate and sign installation, stones and painting, final inspection documentation, and landscaping…

Routed Monument Sign

Routed Monument Sign

Phase 1: Sign Ordinance for Pinellas County

Each municipality around Tampa, Florida, has its own sign regulations and requirements. In essence, based on the location of the sign (address), you have to abide to certain standards related to maximum size (square footage and height), positioning/distance in relation to the nearest right-of-way and/or easement, and other aspects. Also, these requirements change with time, so you may end up replacing an older sign that has a much larger size than the new approved one based on current city codes.

For Quail Forest, once we defined what could be installed at their location, we could move to the next stage.

Phase 2: Pricing and Design

After we met with the customer and understood to which design direction they wanted to go, we started to create our initial drawings.

First, we provided a few different options and related ballpark prices, so they could have a better understanding of what could be created based on their available budget.

Then, once we received the OK to move forward, we went through a few cycles of design changes until they were completely happy with end result (the sign needed to be approved by their HOA management team and discussions took place during community meetings).

Based on the approved design, we were able to create a final quote for this outdoor custom sign and receive our initial deposit.

Phase 3: Permit Application

Before we started to fabricate the sign, we applied for permitting. Permitting documentation can be complex, as it required engineering approved drawings, site survey drawings, and a multitude of related paperwork.

Also, proposed location for the sign needs to be marked and approved by the county for this process. We had many conversations with their team as signs cannot be placed under Oak Tree drip lines to avoid damaging they roots, but we were able to have this sign location grandfathered in due to the old sign positioning.

Phase 4: Manufacturing

The gate was custom built, welded, and powder coated. Column structures were added to the edges. Both black and gold plaques were routed and painted. Once we were only a few days from installation, the old sign was removed.

Old Sign was removed

Old Sign was removed

Phase 5: Installation

The county requires that we dig the holes in advance where the concrete will be poured for the columns, so they can inspect before we fill. Only after their approval, we could position the gate and complete the holes with concrete at perfect level.

After the concrete dried, we attached the routed plaques to the gate and added stones to the finish the columns.

Phase 6: Final Touches and Inspection

With everything set in place, we finished painting the columns and added our final touches. The county came back for final inspection and approval, then landscaping was done.

The final result is a gorgeous sign and an even happier community!

Quail Forest Routed Monument Sign

Quail Forest Routed Monument Sign

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