Routed Monument Sign for Republic Voice and Data


When you want to convey a message to the public, it is good to ensure that you use a good sign that would be readable and easily identifiable. HDU (High Density Urethane) routed or sandblasted monuments are good to make custom signs that can express the message you want them to without any degradation in quality. Unlike other materials, HDU will not warp or degrade in quality thereby serving you efficiently and for long. To guarantee that you don’t replace or repair your sign often, you need the proper use of materials. Outdoors, the use of HDU may be a great fit.

Physical Properties of the HDU

It is very rigid foam board that makes it to be hard and uniform. It comes in various densities and depending on what customers want, they can choose whichever density strength fits them. Even its raw state, water cannot penetrate it which makes it a good material for outdoor signs. Your sign for republic voice and data in Tampa or FL would perfectly be seen and stand for long duration without fading or reducing in quality. The HDU has a robust sign that gives it’s the ability not to break or be tampered by physical forces.

Why Use It

It does not get cracks unlike other materials used in outdoor signage, which tend to form fissures and cracks when hit by the sun for long. The fact that water cannot penetrate it means it won’t rot even when it is rained on thereby making it to serve the owner for long. You can use it for monument sign faces, block letters, plaques, medallions, Logo and other customer signs without it breaking or undergoing any form of quality reduction. You can do all your fine finishes and pimping because it is easy to work on and you won’t compromise the quality of the HDU.

This material is weather-resistant feature is what makes it to be a choice to many people since it can be used or placed on any locality of any weather and still serve for long and as intended. Sometimes other materials like Aluminum could be added just as a frame to certify that it stands in position but not to improve or protect its quality because HDU is robust enough to withstand all form of bad weather and physical interferences. Whether you want to make 3-Dimensional logo designs and trademark images, medallions or simple block letters, this is the ultimate material to use.

Your Republic Voice and Data sign would not only be of high quality but also attractive and fulfilling. For all the places that you think outdoor sign might get compromised, make sure that you use the HDU material to make your sign for both oversized signs and small signs.

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