Routed (sandblasted) office sign

Routed (sandblasted) office custom sign for Cry-X.

Routed (sandblasted) HDU signs in Wesley Chapel, FL

This week we have completed the design, fabrication and installation of two more routed (sandblasted) HDU signs. We created these signs for our customers Cry-X and XplorAmerica Health, Inc., both in Wesley Chapel, FL (near Tampa). Their outdoor custom signs turned out amazing and they truly stand out from the crowd – we are very proud!

Exterior routed (sandblasted) outdoor custom sign for Xplor America. Sign has two removable plaques.

Exterior routed (sandblasted) outdoor custom sign for XplorAmerica. Sign has two removable plaques.

About our customers this week

To share some background information on our customers, Cry-X is specialized in nitrogen-based cryogenic treatments on humans for reducing inflammation, improving athletic performance, and potentially slowing down signs of aging. For their session, you will enter a special cryogenic chamber, which cools the body down very fast, way below freezing temperatures – but just for a few minutes. The idea of sudden temperature changes of the human body is to remove toxins and allow blood that doesn’t have these toxins (or inflammatory components) into that area.

Windows Graphics for Cry-X

Graphics for Cry-X’s chamber

XplorAmerica Health, Inc. provides healthcare services by working with affiliate medical professionals, hospitals and universities. At this location, they are opening a medical clinic facility, in association with USF (University of South Florida). They will focus on Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility services.

Regarding these signs

These signs had once again to follow their community (HOA) standards: 3’ x 5’, arched on top, painted black and gold.  The sign for Xplor America also has two removable plaques with physician’s name and phone number (which later on will have two more plaques added, totaling four).

The material used for these signs was a 1.5” HDU (high-density urethane), carved down to create the 3D components.

We designed both signs to customers’ content, then submitted approval documentation to their HOAs. Once approved, signs were routed on our CNC routing machine, then painted black and gold. These outdoor signs were then installed on their offices’ exterior wall.

Even though these signs are standardized, having exterior signs makes a big difference for businesses, specially in an office complexes where the units are very similar looking. It helps them promote and reinforce their brand, and their customers to easily find their location. On the other hand, outdated, ran down, or badly designed signs can have an opposite effect on people as they do not portray business reliability and care. It is very important to keep your custom outdoor signs in tip-top shape, and/or if installing new signs, to make sure their design is properly done, so it has a better flow (thus, better perception by the end-user).

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