Indoors Routed sign

Indoors Routed sign

Manufacturing Routed Signs for Office Lobby

Interior signs are powerful when branding your corporate office or business. When planning a visual marketing strategy, they should not be disregarded since they give clients and customers the first impression of your brand.

Clients have a wide variety of routed signs to install in Tampa FL buildings and office complexes. Whether you operate a professional office or hotel, a lobby sign will warmly welcome your clients while putting your bare walls to good use.

Types of Routed Signs for Office Lobby


It is the top material for lobby signs. If by any chance we don’t have anything you want among our crisp, shiny standard colors, we can always make custom signs by giving you the color that will match your business branding.


Clients prefer aluminum dimensional letters when making a bold statement. They also favor metal laminate, since it provides the same beautiful look at an affordable price. For the lobby area, a thin layer of metal is placed on wood, acrylic or foam.

Wooden signs

Other businesses can significantly benefit from wood lobby signs. Wood adds an earthy feel to the reception area. Our wooden signs will last for years and can be cut to any size and shape that you want.

Foam Letters

For more depth on lobby signs, the most affordable material is sign-choice foam. Since it is environmentally friendly and versatile, this new signage choice has just taken the industry by storm.

Therefore, if you are a bit overwhelmed when trying to figure out the best option in Tampa FL, our friendly experts will work with your budget and vision to achieve your end goal.

Considerations for a Custom Routed Signs

Several rules govern the design for the lobby signs:

First, the sign should have a crisp and neat font, which is correctly spaced to maximize readability. Simple text makes the content more noticeable without straining the eyes.

Consider the appropriate size for the lobby sign lettering to enhance visibility. Custom signs for offices don’t need to have the same proportion. However, the lettering should be large enough to be easily seen from the doorway.

The quantity of text featured on the lobby sign is essential when aiming for an outstanding effect when designing signs, remember that less is more. It should be straightforward and should only include the business name and logo for it to be effective.

Color and size are also important. Select bold, pleasing colors that will make a lasting impression. If you want to use multiple colors, they should contrast with each other as well as the background to enhance readability.

Business owners in Tampa FL should keep the stated points in mind when designing custom routed signs. The signs should be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time reflect professionalism.

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