Routed (sandblasted) sign for Beach House

Routed (sandblasted) sign for Beach House

Routed Sign for the Beach House

This week we have produced and installed a new outdoor office sign for the Beach House (, an Assisted Living and Memory Care community in a full-service, resort-like setting) community in Wesley Chapel (Tampa), FL. This 3’ x 5’ sign was made out of 1.5” HDU (High Density Urethane) and carved on our CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Router.

The process was similar to what we have done before: we work on a layout with the customer until they are completely happy. We do this by following the guidelines provided by their HOA, then we submit to the community’s management office for approval.

Once approved, we move it to manufacturing, where we carve the sign in our office, paint it black, then add the gold accents to it. The end result is an upscale looking sign, with materials perfect for outdoor use. High Density Urethane will not bend or warp in Florida’s hot and humid weather ad will stay looking great for many years.

Routing on our CNC Router

Routing on our CNC Router

Our installation process is done in a way where the sign can be easily removed if the customer decides to relocate, with minimal damage to the wall behind the sign.

Routed Signs vs. Sandblasted

Routed signs are done by computer-driven machines, called CNC Routers. Our machine allows us to create signs with with high precision and consistency. We can control precisely how deep we want the carving to be and how thick each element in the sign should be.

High-quality routed signs have been replacing sandblasted signs in the past few years.

Sandblasting is a more traditional process, where masks are applied to the material, then the background is manually carved by sandblasting with a high-pressure pellet jet. These signs have a more rustic look with background texture and less sharp edges on some elements, where routed signs are sharper and more precise. If necessary, we can also apply background textures to a routed sign, but on signs such as the one for the Beach House it was not needed.


For the first phase, we will provide our customers with an initial layout idea in a two days. Revision cycles are done as soon as we received feedback. Paperwork and renderings are provided to the HOA a day after the customer approved its layout.

Once the HOA approves the documentation (timelines depend on how fast their internal process is), we start carving the sign next day. Paint takes two days due to the paint drying process and multiple coats applied.

Overall, we have been able to deliver the signs, installed, in about two weeks from the initial contact. This is much faster than average industry standards, and our prices are very competitive.

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