About this project:

Recently, we were contacted by a local company that had a HDU routed sign that had been installed on posts quite some time ago that needed some work. They requested that the old sign be removed and replaced with a similar sign that had a new and fresh look to it. We still wanted the new sign to match the architectural style of the original one, as well as similar signage in the area of their office location.

There are so many different ways to complete projects that involve creating signage that are installed onto posts like the one you see in the photo. As with any other type of business, some companies believe in getting the job done quick while being more cost-conscious. On the other hand, we truly believe in using the highest quality materials on every last one of the projects that we take on. By taking our time and using high grade materials, the end result always comes out nicer and will last much longer than if we were to use products of a mediocre quality.

While the sign banner itself was extremely worn out and was clearly in desperate need of a replacement, the original posts were still in good shape. It was helpful to be able to use the existing posts because that meant we wouldn’t have to obtain a new permit. For the new signage, we used high density urethane foam that is 1.5 inches thick. Since the signage is installed outside, a high grade material is crucial to ensure that it is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

There is a reason why our clients come to us for all of their signage and graphics needs. We are proud to be Tampa Bay’s custom signs and graphics solution and only provide the best quality products and services in everything that we do. We have a very friendly staff of experts that are ready to help match you with the right products and services for you and/or your business. Give us a call at (813) 523-3128 today!

Written by: Signs Insight