Vehicle graphics for Boricua Craft Beer

Advertising is almost as important today as your product. Without advertising, there is no way to broaden your customer base. Boricua Craft Beer decided to tackle their advertising dilemma with some striking custom graphics done on vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wrap for Dodge Sprinter in Wesley Chapel, FL, passenger's side

Vehicle wrap for Dodge Sprinter in Wesley Chapel, FL, passenger’s side

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps like the ones done in Tampa, FL are large sheets of vinyl, printed with custom graphics that can be used to cover vehicles. They transform vehicles into traveling custom signs all over town. Vehicle wraps are applied to any surface and is just as easy to remove again. Vehicle graphics form a long lasting and cost effective ad campaign that will boost your company’s identity wherever the vehicles are seen.

Corporate Identity

With custom graphics like those done for Boricua Craft beer, a whole fleet of vehicles can be transformed instantly. Wrapping all your company cars, vans and trucks will reinforce your company’s identity. Vehicle wraps are long lasting and will reinforce your corporate identity wherever they go.  Use your company’s existing logos or have a new eye-catching design made to grab even more attention.

Traveling Billboards

Vehicle graphics have become one of the most effective forms of advertising lately. Partly due to technology that made printing any shape or size possible, companies also seem to travel more.  Orders from all over the country mean delivery trucks traveling on miles and miles of roads. Printed ads are expensive and usually only run for a day or a week. With vehicle wraps, your ad lasts for years. As long as it is traveling, it is advertising your company.

Vehicle wrap for Dodge Sprinter in Wesley Chapel, FL

Vehicle wrap for Dodge Sprinter in Wesley Chapel, FL

I Want That Too

Custom signs on vehicles draw attention. It is a great way to create awareness of your brand and products. With a great design, people would want to know more about your company. Another benefit is that people see your company being used, which gives you immediate credibility. Maybe they should be using you too. Being seen is a good start to create a positive feeling towards your brand, especially if custom graphics are used to tell your company story.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Placing a huge billboard next to the road is great advertising. On the other hand, people seem to lose interest after they’ve passed the same billboard, day after day. The Boricua Craft Beer van generates new interest everywhere it goes. It is seen in different settings, from different angles, creating new interest every time.  With vehicle graphics, you are also advertising to your target market. The company vehicle is on the same road as commuters traveling to and from work. People who have jobs usually have an income to spend. They could decide to spend it on the brand driving in front of them.

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