Vehicle Graphics for Republic Voice and Data

Vehicle Graphics for Republic Voice and Data

Vehicle Graphics as an Advertising Method for Republic Voice and Data

Vehicle graphics commonly known as vehicle wraps is the use of high-quality graphics printed on vinyl and wrapped around a vehicle.  Vehicle graphics advertising can be classified as street smart advertising, and it is a very effective medium of advertising that companies such as Republic Voice and Data can use. Vehicles are mobile, and the advertisement can be easily moved to where people can see it. You can decide to put the wrapping on the whole vehicle or just a portion of the vehicle.

In essence, vehicle graphics is simply turning your vehicle into a mobile bill board that can be displayed where you want.  When a company like Republic data and voice use it, they will be able to enjoy the following benefits

Power to Reach as Many People as Possible

By using vehicle graphics, you will have the power to reach many people on the go. This is called creating impressions. A single intercity bus with a potential of reaching over fifty destinations a day can be able to generate over 10,000 visual impressions that day. Making a quarter successful conversions out of these impressions in a day will lead to increased sales. Running it in many intercity buses or trucks will increase chances of generating more leads.

Enjoy Power to Create Lasting Impressions

Imagine traveling in a bus that is covered with the vehicle graphics. A bus with a capacity of say 80 passengers traveling has a potential of creating a lasting impression in these customers. This is in the sense that their eyes will be glued on the advertisement for as long as the trip is on. You create a lasting impression on these passengers. This is more effective when done on a flight of buses. Even better, you can create impressions by using creativity on the graphics. Creating colorful vehicle graphics creates more impressions. Another reason why the vehicle graphics have more power to create impressions is that a vehicle can’t pass unnoticed. Every time a vehicle passes many people will look at it. You are likely to by pass a bill board, but chances of not seeing an ad on the vehicle are minimal.

You Have Better Ability to Target Using Vehicle Graphics

You can advertise to your target audience easily using vehicle graphics than when using bill boards. Let’s say you are a company targeting young people using public transport to the University of Tampa. You can advertise on the Gogo Charter Bus that plies the University route. You have the potential to reach more young students. Compared to placing a bill board at the bus station, you have a higher chance of making more impressions. Therefore, Vehicle graphics advertising is by far more effective

It is important to know that there are places where vehicle graphics is not allowed. It is important to know the legislative law and city bylaws to determine whether to advertise using vehicle graphics or think otherwise.


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