Channel Letters are¬†signs normally used on exterior walls of businesses, custom made either from plastic or metal, usually lighted. Almost every building that is a business, organization headquarters or even church will display a variety of channel letters. These tend to be the business or organization’s name and can be created in a variety of ways. If you have a business than you should take into consideration the various channel letters that you can use to put on display outside of your business. Not only can they attract attention to your business but they can make locating your business much more easier and convenient.

Types Of Channel Letters:

1) The Standard Channel Letter-

The most common channel letter signs are of a three dimensional design. Most often they are constructed from aluminum because this material is less likely to rust. The channel letters are designed and cut using a computer controller. The inside of the sign is fitted with a variety of lights including:

Neon gas tubes

LED modules

Light emitting diodes

The front of the channel letter is typically fitted with a sheet of polycarbonate or acrylic fiber, which are translucent to allow the light to shine through. Standard signs can be a business name or even a simple logo.

2) Neon Channel Letter-

These channel letters add an additional dimension to their look because the neon is left exposed but protected by a clear acrylic sheet. These keeps the sign protected but offers a unique display of the custom channel letter.

3) Reverse Lighting Channel Letter-

With these channel letters a light is is used to backlight the channel letter. This in return cause a negative space effect of the channel letter on the wall it is mounted to. Most often this creates a halo effect where the design or letters is displayed with the light illuminated around the actual name or logo.

4) Mounting-

There are a few options to consider regarding how to mount your channel letter. Most often it is placed flush against the building but they can also be attached to a wireway or raceway. These are both mounting structures but have slight differences. A raceway will provide a rectangular structure where the electrical wiring and components will be contained and the channel letter can be mounted on top of the structure. A wireway however, typically is much thinner than a raceway and is used as a backer panel for the channel letter. The wireway can house the electrical wiring as well but is usually too small to mount the channel letter on top of.

Channel letters can be an easy way to build up your brand recognition as well. Channel letters allow customers to make a distinct relation between your sign and your company or business. Retail stores, bars, restaurants, salons, fitness centers and more can all benefits from having a customized channel letter designed for their store front. This simple addition can draw attention to your store or business as well as make it easier to recognize and locate your business.