Vehicle wraps are custom graphics designed to be used as a decorative feature for you vehicle or as a way to promote or advertise a business or product. Vehicle wraps can cover the entire vehicle or on a portion of it, they are typically a constructed vinyl graphic or computerized decal. If you have every seen an advertisement on the side of someone’s car or noticed the graphics on your favorite food truck then you have seen a vehicle wrap. This is a highly effective way to boost your target audience since, in essence, you have a mobile billboard promoting your business.

Why Use Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are a unique and effective way to brand your company. Just think about the delivery trucks you see with logos on them. A vehicle wrap can easily allow your company to become a recognizable entity.

Vehicles wraps can quickly grab onlookers attentions and they make a lasting impression in many cases. This type of advertising can be bold and vibrant. As long as it is not too distracting to other drivers you can create a unique design that will draw people’s attention and make a positive impression.

Displaying your company of products on vehicles allows more people to be reached. As long as the car is driving you are in turn drawing in more customers. This method of advertising can easily bring in thousands of more customer because it is in motion. Your advertisement can go to where the people are instead of being stationary as advertisements on billboards are.

The Disadvantages of Vehicle Wraps:

Though they can be highly beneficial as a promotional or marketing tool there are a few setbacks to using vehicle wraps for your business.

You will have to be cautious about who is driving the vehicles that you are promoting on. You do not want to be promoting your business or product on a car that is driven by an individual who often is reckless, under the influence or even has a bit of road rage. The behaviors and actions of the driver can be quickly attached to your company or products in a negative light.

Many times vehicle wraps are poorly designed which often leads to confusion or undecipherable information. When viewers can not quickly know what or who the advertisement is about the less effective it is.

One thing you will want to keep in mind is that not all areas allow for this type of advertising. You will want to check with your state and city laws on the use of mobile advertising. In major cities such as NYC this type of advertising is prohibited so you should double check prior to putting up the money for it.

Vehicle wraps are an effective way to not only reach a wider audience but to make a solid brand for your company. Whether you want to paint an entire vehicle with a specially designed ad or want to place a few eye catching decals on the vehicle this form of advertising and promoting is an easy and effective way to get your company noticed.